Sunday, May 10, 2015

There's Always Edible Arrangements for Mother's Day

I don't feel like sending flowers. I don't feel like it, and anyway, flowers just die.

Two weeks ago I arranged the Peapod order to include fresh pineapple single serving cups. My mom has never tried those and it was worth a go. Perfect serving sizes for seniors, easy to open and to dispose of (including to recycle). She loved them. So much so that one week later when I asked her to have one, there were none left. I had the aid look, thinking they had to be somewhere, then the other aid. "She ate the last one."

I guess the pineapple single serving cups were a success. Healthy food, healthy living.

So then what? Peapod has a $60. minimum order. With the $10 delivery charge, that's $70. A lot for just pineapple single serving cups.

So instead of flowers, I ordered her the Edible Arrangements.She'll get her fruit and flowers all in one.

And they come in a handy practical container that can be used anywhere for anything - much better than a glass vase that can break and be dangerous.

And if none of my relatives WHO LIVES LOCALLY, i.e. if none of her other two children show up to to the decent thing, at least she has a beautiful bouquet of edible fruit, that will last her well through the week.

The delivery guy showed up at 10:30 this morning, very early, very nice, for Mother's Day. Beautiful.

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