Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Day After Tomorrow I'm Selling Mom's Car. Tomorrow I'll be the bad guy.


I dread it. At the same time I welcome it.

The car has been sitting in a spot at the center for months now. It doesn't go at all. When my mom got emergency funds from the sale of the home (pending the divorce being finalized), I put a wad of the funds toward the payoffs on the loan. they will start up again this week. So as of this week my mom will owe not only monthly insurance, but also the monthly loan payments. With that money she could pay aids, she could get her hair done and get all sorts of compliments, she can order dinner be brought up to her room on days when she's feeling weak. From this point of view, it's a "no brainer".

I tried to get the loan refinanced so the monthly fee was reasonable but since she doesn't have the home any longer as collateral, the bank rejected the application.

Could I have thought about that last year, I would have saved her (and me) thousands of dollars.

Could I have thought about that last year? No. I didn't have the time, between her failing health, being the shaliach for the divorce, moving her twice, and I didn't even understand at that time that she could refinance as long as she owned the home but that as soon as she didn't, no lending company or bank would approve it. NOW I DO.

Tomorrow I'll fly down - get the car running (triple A, car mechanic) then another day will sell it back to the dealer. My brother doesn't do anything to help... He doesn't even offer, though he lives right there. She'll be angry at me. She already has been, but this will be for real. It will be a sign to her that her memory is failing - despite her efforts to gain her memory back. It will also be a sign to me that her memory is failing and won't come back. It will be a sign to me that I can, no matter what I do, always end up being "the bad guy".

It's a horrible job.

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